I was a fan of coffeescript when it came out. I was a less mature programmer back then. I even went through a phase where I thought coffeescript didn't go far enough and contributed a bit to livescript.

Then I grew up a little and realized that there are some bad decisions present in coffeescript, like scoping rules that can cause hard-to-find bugs and syntactic edge cases and odd for-loop behavior. I stopped using the language and even scoffed at people who did.

After a few years of being a grumpy old man, I realized that I enjoy writing coffeescript a little bit more than javascript. Every time I find a way to get rid of some unneeded brackets, or use some cutesy syntax trick, I get a little dopamine rush. It helps sustain my motivation so that maybe one day I actually finish the project.

I'd rather get a project done than skirt around the potential for rare nasty bugs but never actually finish. If the animal part of your brain tell you it likes coffeescript, but you're looking to rationalize it, don't bother. Take care of the ape inside you and you'll come away a happier coder.